Organic Benefits

Organic Benefits

No pesticides

Produce grown conventionally produces fruit that is chock full of poisons. Farmers spray these chemicals to kill pests and the diseases that plague their crops. Post-harvest practices do not address the problem of cleaning or taking care of the residues of chemical pesticides. Chances are when you buy a product that is not organic you are also consuming pesticide.

Fresher produce

Organic, farmers usually sell direct from their farms. They often do this soon after they harvest their produce. This ensures that the product is fresh and good. The produce does not have the pesticides or chemicals and is chemical free. The shelf life might not be long, but one is guaranteed a fresher more natural product.

Environment friendly

Most, if not all, farmers who engage in the organic production of crops and use farming practices that are environmentally sound and friendly. They ensure that they do not use artificially produced chemical fertilizers that deplete the soil’s health. This is a great way to ensure a clean or sustainable environment.

Healthier and more nutritious produce

Nutrients from the soil are not depleted by using chemically free produced fertilizer, and this ensures that more nutrients can be consumed by you.

When you buy a product that is not organic chances are you are also consuming pesticide

Higher levels of antioxidants

When something is produced naturally, there is a higher level of antioxidants present.

Reduced allergy risk

The unnatural mass production of conventionally produced farm products uses chemicals that may trigger allergies. In an organic setup, this is non-existent.

Does not contribute to obesity and type-2 diabetes

The use of chemicals and hormones in conventional production, is passed to the consumer. This leads to an increased risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

There is a tendency for non-organic food to have a higher fat content and calories, especially if sugar is added. This can lead to a higher instance of cardiovascular diseases.

Better overall nutrition

Conventionally grown food is produced in nutrient depleted soil. Organic food is nutritious and healthy.

Reduced risk of food borne illness

The Australian Organic Certification ensures high standard fruit of superior quality and taste.


GMO’s are not entirely safe. The regulation is still unclear, but organic food ensures that one is not consuming genetically-modified food.

Organic Benefits

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