Our Farm

Our Farm

Attention Jobseekers

There are currently no work opportunities available on the Papa Organics farm. Please keep visiting our website to stay updated on any changes.

High quality fruit grown in Northern Australia

Our Farm

Papa Organics farm is 10 hectares or 25 acres and is ideally located on the main highway between Cairns and Mareeba. With attractions such as Davies Creek, Emerald End Falls and Kuranda nearby, many tourists and locals visit the farm to sample our dried mango and fresh lemons, limes and grapefruit (when in season). We pride ourselves in maintaining healthy soils and trees to produce the best fruit.

Our farm and produce are 100% Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

Certified organic

We only use certified organic allowable inputs, such as natural fertilisers and chemical free pest control. As a part of our pest control, we release lady birds into the orchard which helps eradicate pests including white louse and aphids. We are constantly implementing natural ways of reducing pests, building the trees health so they can fight bacteria and fungus. Our farm and produce are 100% Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Mango trees

In 1992, we planted 350 Kensington Pride mango trees on our farm in Mareeba Queensland. Over the following 12 years, we increased the mango tree numbers and planted 350 Kent mango trees. The reason for two different varieties is the ability to increase the length of the season as Kent mangoes ripen around 4 to 6 weeks after the Kensington Pride variety. This gives us time to dry the fresh mango at different times in order to have enough production capacity in the drying process.

Our Farm

We grow organic Kensington Pride and Kent mangoes

Citrus trees

In addition to the mango trees there are around 350 organic citrus trees producing lemons, limes and both red and white grapefruit. This fruit is sold into the fresh wholesale market. The farm was purchased by a consortium in 2018 with the objective of increasing organic citrus and mango production by employing new plant and equipment to increase the output of dried mango and fresh citrus juice.

Our Farm

Sustainable Farming

Papa Organics utilises ecologically sound farming practices that are environmentally friendly and protect public health. Our commitment to the growth and supply of nutritious and healthy food to people across Australia and overseas, as well as the protection of farmers and workers from poisonous chemicals or substances means that our farming practices are a positive contribution to the local community.

Drying facilities

Our dehydrators are technologically advanced. We are able to monitor the drying temperature of the fruit and the humidity. The computerised data helps produce the highest quality dried mango available on the market.