Benefits of Dried Mango for Dogs

Benefits of Dried Mango for Dogs

Dried Mango - Really?

Yes, really. Mango is not harmful to your dog at all. In fact, it’s high in fiber and has a bit of sweetness so they’ll likely enjoy it as a treat. Don’t over do the mango though, or anything outside of their normal diet for that matter.

They can easily have diarrhea from a change in diet. Adding a bit to their food or a piece or two at a time will likely be fine and a way to introduce them to foods that are new. You don’t want to overwhelm their system. If you do, you may also have flatulence to deal with. If that happens, be sure and check out our information on using activated charcoal for gas in dogs.

Mangoes are full of vitamins but be sure to remove the pit! Pits in all fruits are choking hazards and some of them are full of toxins that can cause harm too. Properly cut the mango and remove the pit and everything is fine.

Make sure that you are disposing of the pit in a trash can that your dog can’t access. If he smells something he has been given to eat, he may try to get to it and eat the pit.

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Dried mango for dogs - Really? Yes, really!

Benefits of Dried Mango for Dogs